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dimanche 28 juillet 2019

Choosing Prescription Eyeglass Frames

Choosing Prescription Eyeglass Frames
dimanche 28 juillet 2019
Expert Author Debra Verville
According to Statista, 64.3% of adult consumers in the United States wear prescription eyeglasses. Studies also indicate that the stats have risen over the past few years. What the statistics boil down to is that three out of four adults require some type of vision correction. Factors include those who are born with poor vision, aging, loss of focus flexibility, and the increase in screen time each day.
Perfect 20/20 vision ensures that we can see things like stop signs, read other important types of signs, and see our family and friends.
Picking the Right Prescription Eyeglass Frames
There are factors that must be considered when choosing prescription eyeglasses.
  1. Expense- Eyeglass frames and the prescription lenses can easily cost hundreds of dollars.
  2. Style- Choosing the right style that fits your face can be confusing.
  3. Time- Locating the right frame style to fit your lifestyle and meet your budget can take a lot of time.
Tips to Choosing the Correct Prescription Eyeglasses
The first thing a consumer needs to do is to have an up-to-date eyewear prescription. Visiting your eye care specialist or doctor does take time but having the proper prescription is necessary.
A prescription for eye wear is usually good for two years. If your eyewear prescription is outdated, it is time to visit your eye doctor. Once you have your prescription, there are a few things that you will need to be aware of when it comes to your prescription.
  • Oculus Dexter- refers to the right eye.
  • Oculus Sinister- refers to the left eye.
  • Sphere- the amount of lens power that is prescribed to farsightedness and nearsightedness.
  • ADD- the magnifying power that is given to the bottom part of the bifocal lenses to correct presbyopia.
  • Cylinder- power needed for astigmatism correction.
  • Axis- position of the cylindrical power of the lenses.
  • Pupillary Distance- this is the measurement of the distance between your pupils. The measurement is usually measured in millimeters. The measurements normally fall between 54 and 68 mm.
Choosing the Right Eyeglass Frames
When you begin searching for eyeglass frames, it can be a bit confusing. Eyeglass frames should compliment your look and knowing the right size frames is important. Choosing a frame shape that is a contrast to the shape of your face will help to balance your overall look.
You do not want a big square eyeglass frame if you have a small face. The opposite is true when you have a larger face with super small eyeglass frames.
Eyeglass frames come in an assortment of sizes including:
  • Round
  • Classic Frame
  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Oval
  • Oversized
  • Wrap
There are prescription eyeglass frames are available online and is a great choice for those who are trying to save money. Having your prescription ready will make things easier because you will be able to order your frames right away. You will want to choose an optical company that provides excellent customer service so that all of your questions and concerns can be answered.

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