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mardi 13 août 2019

What Is Your Reason for Homeschooling? The Importance of Knowing Your Why

What Is Your Reason for Homeschooling? The Importance of Knowing Your Why
mardi 13 août 2019
Expert Author Cassandra Mack
Whether you are homeschooling for the long haul, or just temporarily, having a clear purpose in mind is key to providing you and your child with a sense of focus and direction. The good thing is once you accomplish your goals, you and your child will be encouraged and experience feelings of accomplishment.
Nearly every parent has a vision for their child. Every good parent wants what's best for their child. Sometimes when a parent looks at the needs of their child be they: social, medical, disability related, learning differences, religious beliefs or family values and then compares these needs to what the schools in their districts have to offer, homeschooling presents itself as the most viable option.
Be that as it may, it's important to keep in mind that homeschooling requires a great deal of careful thought, time, energy, planning, discipline, knowledge about the legal requirements in your state and resourcefulness. Plus, it can become very costly quickly. Not to mention, there will be days when homeschooling goes well and there will be days when it will be quite challenging and make you question whether or not you've made the right choice. Knowing your homeschooling "Why" will help you keep your goals in front of you whenever you hit a bump in the road. Not only that, knowing your "why," will enable you to provide the best possible homeschooling educational experience for your child.
Believe it or not, you should be just as clear in your reasons for wanting to homeschool as you would in choosing a public or private school for your child. If you were to attend a parent orientation for a new public or private school, you would want to know about the mission and vision of the school. Right? You would want to know the reason why the school was established. Right? You would want to know how that school compares to others with respect to the type of education your child will receive. Right? And remember, education is not limited to the core subjects. Then doesn't it make good sense to demand this same level of clarity from your homeschool?
The clearer you are about why you are choosing to homeschool your child, the better able you will be to provide your child with a tailor-made education that: meets his whole-person needs, fosters healthy development and prepares him to become a positive, contributing member of our society. Even more, when the going gets rough keeping your "why" in front of you will help you remain focused on your homeschooling big picture and true to your homeschooling big picture.

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