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dimanche 1 septembre 2019

Get Back on Your Feet at Work

Get Back on Your Feet at Work
dimanche 1 septembre 2019
Expert Author Susan Leigh
Work is a major area of life and often provides far more than an income. Many people define themselves through their work, it supports their identity, who they are, what they do. Everyone from children to retired people find that they benefit by having something to focus on; from studying to achieve good grades or being busy with charity work, all are activities on which to focus time and energy, ways that provide satisfaction and fulfillment.
But there are several factors that can affect your ability to work well. Let's look at them and then ways to get back on your feet when things interrupt your capacity to work.
- Personal problems. No matter how hard you try if you have important personal matters playing on your mind you are bound to become distracted, unable to concentrate, find that your priorities change. If you are in the midst of a relationship breakup, desperately trying for a baby, caring for a sick relative, worried about money, then these things are bound to preoccupy you whilst you are at work. A sensitive work environment allows some latitude, provides support, maybe counselling and hypnotherapy, and allows you to get back on your feet. It helps to know that your personal situation is understood and accommodated.
- Stress is a major factor in many organisations. Pressure is so much a part of modern life, with time, financial and peer pressure to name just three. Stress is a major cause of sick leave and ill-health. Learn to appreciate the importance of a healthy work/life balance, commit to eating well, take regular breaks, exercise and sleep properly, let hypnotherapy help; all these are ways to look after yourself and get back on your feet.
- Personality clashes occur in many organisations. Work can bring out the best and the worst in people. Some people want to be the boss, they want to claim the credit for other people's ideas and achievements, they undermine others. Other people may be too much alike and are unable to compromise. The best way to get on your feet is to do your job, avoid confrontation, clearly document any bullying and try to stay calm and good-humoured in difficult situations. Other people can only get under your skin if you let them. Don't retaliate. Remind yourself of why you need the job and stay focussed on that.
- Lack of satisfaction or sense of accomplishment. Many work environments are becoming bogged down with documenting every part of a process. Form filling and administration are becoming a headache in many companies, with less time being available to spend on the real work. It is important to provide an audit trail to prove that certain procedures have been followed but staff can become bored and de-motivated if there is too much paperwork. Keep up to date with your administration, spend a few minutes at the end of each day clearing away the tedious jobs so that you start each new day feeling fresh and upbeat.
- Promotion isn't always a positive step. Many people find that as they progress in their chosen career they spend less and less time doing what they enjoy and are good at. They get promoted into management, overseeing others who are doing their original job. Getting back on your feet may mean deciding what matters to you most; the status, money, career progression or personal satisfaction. Sometimes it's possible to find a way to tick several of those boxes. Other times it's possible to find interests away from work that compensate for the feel good factor that's missing at work.

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