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samedi 29 février 2020

100 Ways To Simplify Your Life - Book Review

100 Ways To Simplify Your Life - Book Review
samedi 29 février 2020
Expert Author Dr Carmen Lynne
By: Joyce Meyer (2007)
ISBN 978-0-446-19416-7
Book Price: $18.99
Better life
You can approach situations in such a way that life gets better and better. Learn to simplify and enjoy your life.
International influence and inspiration
Joyce Meyer is one of the world's leading practical Bible teachers. A #1 New York Times bestselling author, she has written more than seventy inspirational books. She has also released thousands of audio teachings and a video library as well. Joyce's radio & TV programs are broadcast internationally and she travels globally speaking.
Simplify your life
In 100 very brief chapters, Joyce Meyer shares her 100 ways to simplify your life. She discusses topics as, "be yourself" (Ch. 8), "stop procrastinating" (Ch. 13), "stay out of debt" (Ch. 16), "choose your battles" (Ch. 23), "give up control" (Ch. 65), "be generous" (Ch. 85), "stay spiritually strong" (Ch. 96), "be faithful" (Ch. 97), and more!
Inspired to think and live differently
Joyce Meyer shares with a concise, inspirational style. She doesn't waste words in her attempt to encourage her readers. She expresses thoughts on abundance, saying, "I believe God wants us to have whatever we can handle while still giving Him first place in our lives... Money is only a problem if we hoard it... Learn to be a channel... "
Meyer's use of positive exhortations will boost the morale of her readers. She states, "Every day is a new day containing tremendous possibilities: new life, new hopes, and new dreams... Perhaps you need to look up... "
Simple, profound phrases mark Joyce's ability to communicate complex issues in a common and engaging fashion. The following comments reflect this; she says, "It is very complicated trying to be someone else... If someone else can do it-let them... God does not lead people to start things and not finish... step toward a simple life."
A reference to others is a powerful tool for persuasion. Joyce uses this declaring, "Wise people care more about later than now. They are investors-they invest what they have in order to have something better in the future."
Joyce's transparency is a key to her ability to relate. She reveals, "I have caused a lot of complicated messes in my life by not thinking before I speak." This establishes a platform for her to instil powerful insights as, "You can begin a revolution in your life today by simply changing the way you see things and think about them."
Remove complications and release joy
Joyce Meyer helps readers to approach life differently in order to remove complications and release their joy!

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