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samedi 29 février 2020

Raising A Successful Family Without Stress

Raising A Successful Family Without Stress
samedi 29 février 2020
Expert Author Dr Carmen Lynne
How Do You Do It?
I have ten children, one husband, a publishing company, a passion for real estate investing, a growing mentoring business, an international speaking and writing ministry, and I am a Senior Pastor of a thriving church!
People have asked me often, "How do you do it?" They then explain that they can't cope with the 2 teenagers they have and the job they are employed at.
I Don't Cope, I Lead
I never allow my life to smother me to a place where I just can't seem to cope. No! I have learned that being proactive is the best way to lead my life in the direction I wish it to travel... As a result, my family, relationships, businesses, ministry, etc., all fall into place where they function the best!
5 Keys To Leading The Best Life
1. Delegate
I never fall into the trap of doing things alone. As a people person I find it lonely anyway! When I perform a task I take someone with me on the journey. From home cleaning to international conferences, I have learned the benefit of delegating to others.
A simple delegation tool (I do, you watch; I do you help; you do, I help; you do, I watch) has helped me mentor my children, employees, and followers. Delegation is my greatest tool in not simply "coping" but leading my life to the best outcomes!
2. Expect The Best
When I expect the best in life, people, family, business, and ministry, an amazing outcome presents itself. You get what you expect! Even if things don't always go your way, if you will expect the best outcome, generally that is what occurs. Why? You can't always dictate circumstances but you can control your reactions. I find if I am positive and expect the best, my life trends in a positive direction!
3. Forgive Often
Forgiveness is not about others, it is the key to personal freedom. If you want to soar like an eagle, you can't carry weights of judgement. Not forgiving others causes depression, heaviness, and sickness. I forgive and forget other's offences freely in order to lighten my load. I don't want the extra baggage of remembering the wrongs of others.
4. Celebrate Success
Success celebrated is a refreshing stream. I work hard but I love to have a party to celebrate the achievements of others. My family has a "Celebrate Plate" that a child eats supper off when they succeed. Small or big, celebrations are needed!
5. Enjoy Family Time
Family to me is like a holiday. How can that be when I have ten children? I treat them as such. I always speak of my family as a treasure and a blessing. They have become my sanctuary! I love my family day each week. We relax, play, and laugh often! This breeds joy and strengthens relational bonds! The more time I have with my family, doing fun things, the more I understand and enjoy them!
Learning To Lead
My latest book, "Raising Kids of Increase" will help you to lead your life and family into the best life without getting stressed in the process. Discover 41 simple steps to equip your children or grandchildren to thrive without losing your joy in the process!

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