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vendredi 24 avril 2020

A Great Trick To Spice Up Your Content

A Great Trick To Spice Up Your Content
vendredi 24 avril 2020
Expert Author Sarah Schwab
Are your blog articles getting boring? Need to spice it up a little?
This is a common occurrence for a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners that start writing content consistently. After a while, they realize they are stuck in a rut. They are writing about similar things in the same way.
Yuck. That isn't going to engage your readers and build relationships with your prospects. It's more likely to bore them and potentially send them away.
So how do you inject a little something new into your content?
One trick I like to use with my clients is to write a metaphor.
If you think back to high school English class for just a second, a metaphor is when you compare two unlike things. It is sometimes done in a single sentence, or you can extend the metaphor into a paragraph, story, or even a whole article.
For example, I wrote an article about how marketing is like brewing beer. (Hint: it's all about funnels!) A client of mine wrote an about feeling like a cod fish swimming with a school of salmon throughout her career in the corporate world.
Recently, I listened to an amazing interview with author Liz Gilbert, and she talks in metaphors all the time! One of my favorites was when she compared a creative project to a drive in the car, with fear as your companion.

"Fear is going to be in the car, but it's going to be in the back seat and it's not going to drive. Or choose the snacks, or hold the map, or touch the radio."
How can you use metaphors in your content to increase the level of engagement and interest?
Find The Common Ground
One approach is to pick two things that you like and are familiar with - one from your business world and one from your personal life. Maybe you are a consultant who likes gardening. Or a plumber who likes baseball.
Look at those two things, and find something you can compare. It's a great way to get your mind working creatively, like fitting two puzzle pieces together.
It also gives you a chance to talk about something you enjoy, which is a way of sharing a little more about yourself. That is something people can relate to and connect with. It builds relationships, which is what content is all about!
Pick Your Journey
Another way to find a metaphor is to look at the journey your clients take and find a way to describe it creatively. Is it like a car ride with fear or a salmon swimming up stream, as in the examples above? Or maybe it is more like climbing a mountain, or a motorcycle chase, or a herd of emu migrating across a river in the Serengeti.
Can't you just see it now?
Using a metaphor creates vivid images that bring your story to new life inside the reader's mind.

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