This Elephant Survived A Poaching Attempt. Then Vets Noticed Something Weird.

This Elephant Survived A Poaching Attempt. Then Vets Noticed Something Weird.

Sadly, elephants are still exceedingly prized by poachers for their tusks. This implies governments and save associations in ranges where elephants live are continually monitoring the elephant populace and endeavoring to leave poachers speechless. They don't generally succeed, and some of the time creatures still get hurt. 

Creature Wildlife Area Research and Rehabilitation (AWARE) veterinarians were cautioned to two injured elephants in Zimbabwe when they went over something they had never observed.

An extensive bull elephant they call "Pretty Boy" showed up and enabled them to begin treatment. They pondered what the vast stamp in the focal point of his temple was.

After vets tranquilized Pretty Boy, they used a metal detector to look for bullets trapped in his head.

Grey pus began emerging from the hole in his forehead and vets had never seen anything like it before.

They performed an x-ray on his skull and found that a deformed bullet had fractured his sinuses, which was causing the pus.

They removed necrotic bone fragments from inside Pretty Boy's sinuses.

After the fragments were removed, they were finally able to flush out the wound and clean it completely.

He still looked pretty rough when he woke up, but the vets' work saved him from a painful wound that will now hopefully be able to heal.

He took a nap against a tree after treatment, probably dealing with a huge headache.

When rescuers found him the next day, however, he was wide awake and eating well.

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