Abandoning The Myriad

Expert Author Srinath Senapati
A monotonous mind never repels back. Same is the case of the human mind when it comes to the area of "focus". Life is a context of aiming and establishing. The provenance of the human mind was never understood, nor do its working. Humans often are lenient to the possessive side of one's expectation, rather more submissive to the laxity of it. The mind is carefree and always was. But, the basic aspects never run with this carefree tag attached to it. So, the major point is to make the mind work.
But, how can it work like that without any cognitive relevance? How focus on anything will be an honest one? How can an individual continue with a chronic mental focus to achieve the desired goal or aim? All these erotemes frequently haunt the mind of every individual, no doubt it has got focus or not. But, the mind always preaches the epitome of imaginations and experiences. We cannot deviate the mind from observation, imagination, and relocation of vital expectations that one has ever thought of. Different experiences encapsulate different inexperience and make out a relevant set of foundations. A human mind was never prone to experienced thoughts or intellectual understanding since inception, instead, they are frequent results of some inexperience. Inexperience is the key to the foundational experience. Focus comes from these spectacular blunt characteristics of mind and starts repelling each cognitive approach that the mind undergoes.
The focus is not a mere word of a pin-point projection of one's set mind or integrated thoughts. It also delivers the best experiences, that turn out to form a steady and linear focal point. The achievements related to this particular focal point is commendable in every aspect. It's highly reliable as it makes an individual a big star from itself. There is no greater happiness than self-victory, and there is no greater relaxation then self-establishment. All the side aspects of life such as friendship, love, affection for loved ones come after this. Because, the individual happiness depends on the individual success and the side aspects are just good catalysts to it, adding flavor and charm to life.

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